Hidden Secrets

Find Elvis.
Find Me.
Find Ralph's dad.
Find other messages.

There are Beatle's song titles hidden on every beetle. Can you find them?

The band member's names, John, Paul, George, and Ringo are hidden on the title page.

Find all 43 presidents of the United States. (There is not one on every page, some pages have 3. It is totally random.)

Find the 50 state capitals cleverly hidden in the artwork.

Numbers are hidden throughout the book. (Example: see page 4. You will find a number 4 in the scales on the middle of the back of the largest fish.)

Find all the numbers up to 50 yourself.

See page "V". What is the secret message in the border?

See Page "N". Look for faces in the potatoes.

Find the bird, a tern, on every page.

Only experts can find the bird on the seal page.

Find the mouse in every illustration.

Find the hidden reindeer in every illustration.

Is a backwards alphabet book.

Find the following great aviators:
Amelia Earhart
Chuck Yeager
Howard Hughes
Bessie Coleman

For every group of one hundred things, one is different. Can you find them all? (Example: One of the butterflies has no legs. Find the dinosaur with his tongue sticking out...the rest is up to you)

Find the Island Alphabet.